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Welcome to Trim & Proper.

How can we make fashion fun, creative, timeless, reborn, effortless and efficient for as many people as possible? That's what I ask myself every day and chances are likely that you are too - otherwise, you wouldn't be here. Obstacles happen that may create stressful feelings but not to worry, allow my expertise to guide you in the right way...

Founded by: 
Jesse Fonnesbeck 

Trim & Proper was founded in 2020 by Colorado native, Jesse Fonnesbeck. He received 5+ years of training at a major retailer and then created his own shop in Denver during the pandemic. It is important for Jesse to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, while honing his technical skills. Which is why Jesse continued learning the craft by enrolling in an intensive pattern making course in order to get a better understanding of how to create and manipulate patterns for garments.


His experience of working in the industry has taught him how to achieve quality service all around while prioritizing the customer's time. Jesse understands that not everyone has a  passion for fashion like him and that is what makes him such a great tailor - always bringing a creative and professional approach to the table. His clients come away with a personalized level of service that they won't receive anywhere else. 

Trim & Proper is always changing and adapting with the fashion industry but there is one thing that has stayed constant throughout. Jesse's commitment to the complete satisfaction of his clients.

Jesse's creative approach and efficient workmanship are the key ingredients to his success.

His attention to detail and quality of work is unmatched.

A rush job will never look like rushed work. 


New and exciting opportunities are always welcome.

Schedule a fitting today. 

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